Saturday, July 16, 2011

Review: false lashes & new mu video

If your looking for really great lashes you should close this page because this unfortunately isn't going to be a rave review :( ...So about three months ago I bought false lashes off of eBay. They were around $8.50 w/free shipping for 5 boxes of 10 false lashes in each box. I was so excited when I bought them thinking that it was such a great deal. Well... if its too good to be true than it really is too good to be true. They also came with supposedly "lash glue" but that glue really was just a waste of space. I ended up going to buy lash glue from the nearest drug store. After applying the 7th pair of lashes, I gave up.. they are so artificial, thick(not in the right way) and uncomfortable! So after all that my conclusion is that this is a REALLY great buy for a noob to experiment with. I mean you get 50 crap lashes for $8.50. I decided that in order for me to not waste money I was going to use the lashes for my YouTube videos. So with all that said I uploaded a new tutorial starring.. DUM Dum dum.. the false lashes :) Enjoy~! and remember to comment rate and subscribe..

Love Always,