Thursday, March 24, 2011

Barbie doll MU Tutorial

So the last few days I had time to do a tutorial, edit the video and FINALLY upload it unto youtube = ). Also, a new Tat? : ) .... I did a barbie doll look with big eyes and dramatic lashes. Let me know what you guys think about both?

Thursday, March 17, 2011


(Photo courtesy of CNBC)
FIRST AND FOREMOST... I'm sure you all have heard of the natural disaster by now that occurred in Japan on Friday, March 11th, 2011. I hope that most of you, who are a lot more fortunate, helped in aiding those in need by either donating or even buying products that are going to donate all proceeds to aid in Japan.

Rock bottom necessities == > > I have clothes on my back, food in my stomach and a roof over my head... I donated, did you?

eeeeecccckkk!! I woke up today with a package at my door. I thought it was what I ordered on Ebay a while ago but it wasn't.. it was my MISSHA order!!! I'm so excited! I heard so many good things about MISSHA's Perfect Cover BB cream ($29.99, and a free travel size 20ml). Unfortunately I haven't used it yet, as well as most of the other products that I also ordered, because I've been busy lately BUT! I was able to use the Nose Pore Cleaning Patch that I ordered. It was on sale for 30 cents per patch. SO CHEAP! So I ordered 30 of them totaling out to be $9.00 for 30 patches. I'd have to say I'm pretty satisfied because it makes my nose feel really smooth afterward :) other than that it really does nothing for my pores. Mostly because they aren't that big to begin with anyways. Maybe I'll update with my lover's nose (I bought these for him =D ). I also bought The Style Name Polish Remover ($1.00), Papaya Foot Cream ($1.50), Milk & Papaya Body Scrub (free w/order).

WARNING: PICTURE HEAVY! (AND I have no makeup on.. so you guys can see the bags under my eyes and my blemishes! LOL)

Before putting on cleaning patch

Had to wait 15-20 mins before I could take off the patch.. so i read a little, drank some moscato and had me a donut! YUM!

Is it weird that I found it satisfying peeling it off my face? LOL

BEFORE & AFTER (tip of nose)

So I guess there was a little difference but not enough that anyone would have noticed.. but totally not MISSHA's fault! my pores are small to begin with.

Hope you guys enjoyed my random haul/review and my NAKED FACE! :) ... I'll post the YouTube Video when I get it up.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Its 3am...

Its 3am and I'm still up!! I took a late nap earlier because I was so tired and honestly I couldn't stop my eyes from closing. So I decided that I'd update my blog and do my nails = ) . I went shopping yesterday because I needed a new top to wear this weekend and I didn't want to spend a hefty amount of money so I stopped by Forever21, American Eagle, Charlotte Russe, Papaya and Claire's. I bought a few things and before I knew it I spent more that I had intended to. I couldn't say no though, everything I bought was on sale so it was a good buy.

Orig. $14.90 On sale for 2.99

(plaid top w/belt)Orig. $22.80 On sale for $4.99
(floral printed blouse)$14.95

(black lace dress/shirt)Orig. $19.80 On sale for $6.99
(dress halter top) $19.99
(white lace top) $15.00

(white AE sweater) Orig. $44.50 On sale for $9.99
(AE gray pull over hoodie) Orig. $49.50 On sale for $14.95
(AE Red Long Sleeve Tee) Orig. $29.50 On sale for $9.99


So I ended up spending more than a hundred bucks, which was where I wanted to cap myself at, but eh.. whatever.. LOL

I also wanted to let you guys know that I also made a new YouTube account, so go check that out. I just uploaded a E.L.F Haul/Review yesterday so I hope you all enjoy that! My next vlog will be about Urban Decay's Naked Palette which will be up in a couple more days. So check back on that as well!!

Fashion & Makeup Geek YouTube Account

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hello Loves = )

<3 Hello Loves
    .. oh how I missed you all =) .. It has been forever, and when I say forever I mean FOREVER, since i've blogged. This time around my blog will be about affordable fashion and makeup. I hope that I can be of use to you and your friends. If you like please follow me!!

   So recently i've been looking for deals online and I came across a few good ones that i'd like to share.
  •  ULTA - you get three, thats right! 3!!, free Urban Decay gifts if you purchase at least $25.00 worth of any of their products. You will receive two deluxe samples of lip gloss in Wallpaper and Midnight Cowboy as well as a deluxe sample of Stardust eyeshadow. Great deal right?! and you only have to spend $25.00. When I get my order in I will share with you all what I got and my freebies =)
  • ELF - 50% off their spring picks~! AMAZING DEALS! their products are already really inexpensive to begin with and on top of that 50% off!! you dont even have to think about it! go cop yourselves some new lipsticks and brushes NOW! LOL ... I will also share with you all what I bought when my order arrives =)
  • LOVEMAKEUP - Who doesn't love NYX cosmetics?! Most of their products are really great dupes for MAC's cosmetics. Though this site does sell other brands as well I mostly order NYX products. PLUS! its only $2.00 per NYX Round Lipstick!! thats 50% off MSRP!! its typically $4.00 per lipstick on I ordered myself a few of those and will definitely share with you all when they arrive!
 .. okay thats all for now my loves! if I come across any other deals I will definitely keep you posted!! ..

Love Always,